Changes of 2015

sun-earthA great year, 2015 passed.

I am just focusing me on the year. I have got some important things of the last time of the year. Though whole year is a name of achievement.

I think I am better than previous time.

I am waiting for 2016. I think it will be more adventure to me.

  1. Loan completed: I had some personal load. I paid. I am clear and being fresh now. 🙂 I learned that Bank loan and credit card is a name of hassle and loss of money. Peaceful people should avoid loan.
  2. At job: I have done many things on my work place Lantabur Group a) A better LAN infrastructure established more than seven building connected with Fiber cable. b) Server Rack and better IT Room platform maintained. c) I am beeing popular to my IT team.
  3. Learn Linux: I learned more things of linux. Basically The load balance is good one. I have got a chance of testing various server like DNS, proxy, zPanel and other web server.
  4. Learn to Save: I have become more accountable in this year. I just maintian me with minimum cost and try to save some for future.
  5. Learn MYSQL and Bootstrap: I had knowledge of PHP. I learned to make dynamic web coding with MYSQL database. php function and bootstrap is addition in this year. 🙂 I am satisfied with my achievement.
  6. New project plan: I have made a new project. This will be non-profitable. I will describe with it if it being live, inshallah. Because human mind is scatters in its interest as though thistle down.
  7. Habit: I have tried to change some habit. But can not. I will try in 2016.

Plan of 2016

  1. Move: I may change my IT career. Just switch to  different platform- like programming. If there is some difficulties I can change my job.
  2. Religious: I want to be more peaceful and conscious about myself. Islamic deep knowledge and philosophy is my choice of study.
  3. Plantation and firming: I want to enjoy gardening and firming. This was my favorite hobby. I want to start over.
  4. Earning over Job: I have no income without job now. I will try to create a secondary income source other than job.
  5. Creative: I will try to do some thing creative.
  6. Habit: Some exercise and tour. Eat more vegetable and take care of health.


4 thoughts on “Changes of 2015”

  1. Good luck with your plans in 2016. 🙂 I don’t like the idea of taking loans either (or buying anything in installment, for that matter). But I was looking into Auto Loan the other day and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’ll see.

    1. Loan with interest can help you only if you have a business which has running profit. And if you take loan for invest the business would profit more than loan interest. Otherwise it will give you mental pain.

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