Call hang and show hold problem in elastix

I have installed 45 IP PABX phone recently with elastix open source server. It works fine, speed is better than old PABX system. I have faced some simple problem. I will talk about these two problem in this post.

  1. Call show hold but not hold physically.
  2. Outgoing call stopped.

Call show hold but not hold physically:

If any power or network disconnection happened while you are talking with IP Phone. This type of problem happens.

I the elastix control panel call will be shown as talking. time will be increasing in operator panel. Actually they are not talking. Elastix don’t stop the session by itself.

call hold elastix
Call Hold Problem


Go to Tools and write and execute the command

core restart now

restart core elastix

2. Outgoing call stopped

Outgoing call can also stopped.

Find the card number for that extension from PBX extension and search by it in A2billing customer section:
Inline image 1
Then find the field named “IN USE”. If you find that the mentioned field is set to 1 but the extension is not busy; manually reset it to 0 (zero) and save the settings.

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