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cse-studentThis is just topic of self experienced suggestion to Computer Science Students in Bangladesh. Everything may not match with your experience and there may have some contradiction.

When I was on class Eight, I was not capable enough to decide if I will study Science, Arts or Commerce. My father and teacher make decision for me to study on Science Group. I was satisfied to read on science as if I read on science group, I can move to other group Arts or Commerce in HSC. (There is rule in Bangladesh, Science student can move to Arts and Commerce, Commerce student can move only to Arts. Commerce and Arts students can not move to Science)

I was also not capable to choose subject on Bachelor Degree. My favorite Bangla teacher of college suggest me to study Bangla literature, English teacher suggest me to read English, Chemistry teacher suggest me take chemistry for University degree. I decided to deny everyone as they offer their subject.

Finally I admit to Computer Science for interest about it.

Many inspirational comments come to us while we admitted to Computer Science but now we think it was funny comments. :p Some comments are:

  • Oh, you are going to be an Engineer four years later.  (Friends)
  • After passing CSE, some company will communicate and offer you high salary job. So don’t worry.
  • You choose a great subject, there is huge employment opportunity is waiting but the expert is not found.
  • Most of the computer science student have a job on third or fourth semester. You can spend you won money for tuition fee. :p

We start study. Go to class. Go through theory and  lab study. Go to teacher’s home for some hard subject. Purchase books from Nilkhet. make notes, take note and share with friends. Semester exam come and  go. We hard worked. Call father and mother to give money to live, to purchase computer, for tuition fees. They arrange for us and be satisfy that his child is becoming Computer Scientist. We completed journey of computer science educational life.

In the mean time, we understood our reality of inspirational comments. Very few of us get good job first time. They got it not for their CSE certificate but for their syllabusless extra study. 🙂 Most of us have to try on very competitive job market. First time we call senior to have a job with any kind of salary. Than we call each other to manage a job as parents are waiting for us as they have spend money for us. If they invested these for other field they got better earning. I understood that parents have invested the money on us, that was totally a loss project. 🙁 We frustrated more and more day by day.

At last we all somehow  got job though may or may not like what we expected.

This kind of story happens not only for CSE student but also most of the student faces difference between reality and expectation.


To make a better future, Computer Science student can study different way. I am just explaining my won way.

Don’t be CSE graduate if…

Everything is not for everyone. If you think, you will be IT professional if you take graduate of Computer Science that is a great mistake. Anyone with any kind of educational background can be highly Information Technology Professional. Many Computer Science and Engineer graduate is known to me who don’t do anything but doing some small task of organization like setup Windows, Antivirus and helping people to operate computer only. If you think you are capable enough to convert your learning to real life solution than you can start study on Computer Science. I know many people who just learn from google and youtube, participate on forum, become great web and apps developer, who has no professional degree. But there is a opportunity to CSE graduate to apply for local job, non graduate on IT does can not apply for IT job. Just you will get a certificate.

Don’t Study to Pass on Exam

A Computer Science student have to learn many basic things of computer. Most of the theoretical subject is easy to pass on exam. If you don’t know how this theory is implemented on real life, your study is worthless though you will pass on exam.

I have seen some student copied C language code on exam. 😀 Interestingly they got better marks but do you expect the students will be programmer in their real life.

You will find limited things in syllabus of some subjects. If you have interest on that subject or if you think you will make future career based on subject I suggest to learn more than syllabus and make real life application. you should collect extra books and study materials though that is not on syllabus.

You may not have subjects in your syllabus that is need for your real life. You may not heard about that subject also that your interest is fit for. So you have to take care extras.


Learn about Job market

Learn Your Interest

Decide What to Learn

Computer technology changes very faster. One technology is becoming old sometimes after a very few usages. Many tech become old or have update version among graduation time. So student’s syllabus is getting older, though most of the university syllabus remain unchanged.

Your study should be life oriented. Running technology in Bangladesh makes Bangladeshi job market.   So you can image the current tech requirement in Bangladesh from job market. If you want to target on local job, you have to research local job market. If you want to be freelancer or international job holder, you have to make yourself for their market place. Just take your eyes to’s IT job requirements and the syllabus of your graduation. You will get many variations. Similar is for freelancing job.

Thinking on market’s requirement, your interest, your capability you can decide what to learn deeply.

Take Online and Professional Training

If you correctly learn what you choose, what is feasible in respect of your environment and your interest than you can go for learn. Your education will help you to choose your interest but you have to learn yourself.

If you are interested in web prgamming and build your career as a web developer. Just start from root. I suggest you to start HTML, CSS than learn HTML5 and CSS3. Don’t try very fast. Just learn and go like blind. You are blind and so you have to recognize the path first very slowly. Don’t start from middle. I suggest not to start CMS (Content Management System) first. Than you can start scripting language like javascript  and php. In your syllabus in Computer Science, you may not find this language. So you can take professional training from world class organization and also take online courses. The important part is to make smaller projects with your learning. Though I am not a good web developer, I will try to write an article.

Now in Bangladesh, there is job opportunity in different company including ISPs. If you want to be System Administrator/ Network Professional, you have to learn how computer network works. You can start learning with friends, just connect some friends computer with cable and switch. I have learned basic network with my friends, just purchased some equipments and connected together. To learn bigger network you have to touch with router. If possible CSE student should complete some international certification MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), CCNA (Cisco Certified System Engineer), RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer). This will add value with your CSE certificate. If you learn properly I think, There will not problem of job in Bangladesh based on present job status.

There is way to start your learning to be Some Professional. There is good road maps to learn something. Most of the new don’t get good support how to be expert of individual profession.

Actively Participate Professional Environment

Real-life project will enrich your knowledge more than 100 time faster than you classroom environment.

Most of the class room describes how it works. Teacher try to convert the stone like topic into ice-cream like topic and fed to the students. In a limited time there is noting to do for teacher to tech you with his creativity. Most of the teachers are creative in class as he can help you understand easily.

But in professional work, you will find different things. Necessary will help you to learn, make you busy. You may have learn a sequential things in classroom but in real-life project you will find some work have to be done that is not in your working area or that was not in your syllabus. It may also happens that the optional part in your class room become very important part. So, you have to learn deeply yourself. No teacher alive in your real-life project. So you have to search the solution, while searching online, you have to read or skimming the articles and you will also have knowledge about other topics. You have to do what the teacher did in classroom. He taught you. Now you have to teach yourself. Classroom had a small amount of time with many students. But you will learn and find solution as per real-life project requirement. You will get more time here for research.

Try freelancing job related subjects you like most. Don’t miss if you have any chance to participate any office as intern. Ignore what the earning is. Just monitor how your skill is being expert to your interest.



This advice come from my learning. There is plenty of way how students are being success today. Most of the success roadmap drawn while you are student.

You are Computer Science and Engineering student. So you have to be upgraded with time. Just start.

2 thoughts on “Road to Computer Science Student”

  1. I am currently studying ECE at KUET. But my Job Expectation is CSE based. Do I have any chance to apply for local jobs though I need to compete with CSE graduated?

  2. The word “CSE based job” is incomplete word. After passing CSE, you may not get IT related good job. Just CSE student will get the chance only to apply for many job where you will not able to apply.
    But if you are expert on some criteria, you will have better job than CSE background person.

    Go to and take a look at IT category, In some post Educational level is mentioned as Bachelor/Masters of Computer Science. And also have some post where they prior expert in individual subjects. If you see the job of web programmer, you will find most of the companies prior expert other than CSE graduate.
    I think you have to learn some specific subject of Computer Science and try to make yourself. Better to read the post again as the answer hidden on the post.

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