5 tips for Redesign of your Network Infrastructure

You don’t know how many computer devices will be connected next two-three years. The technology go faster than your thinking. Network RedesignI also can not guess how many computer will be in future. 10 years ago people did not thought that they will need internet like meal and water. 5 years ago people did not think that one people will need Desktop, Laptop, smart phone, Tab that is multiple computer for one person.

So, for your office or home, the network connectivity plan may need to be redesigned.

You can consider the following things for redesign of your network.

One. Decoration:

Cable connection is different devices may look odd if it is not decorated correctly. Good decoration needs not only for

Cable on the floor should be decorated correctly.
Cable on the floor should be decorated correctly.


Dressed Rack
Dressed Rack

Two. Speed of connectivity:

Speed of the network rising day-by-day. The old switch and network adapter was 10 MBPS and now 10 GBPS connectivity is available (SFP+ port). Now the Gigabit technology LAN card and switch is common everywhere. The WiFi Technology has also changed.

While you redesign your Network Infrastructure, keep in mind what kind of switch, routers are purchased.

You may be sorry to through out some old equipment. But to consider for future you have to do.

Three. Connection Media:

It’s easy to choice connection media. If your users are only for internet and very low bandwidth, choice Wifi. For Hotels or office conference room people choice Wifi connectivity. While you are working bigger area you have to choice UTP cable. CAT6 is good choice. Never purchase cheap. I like D link and R & M cable. If the area is more than 200 miter in length, You have to consider Fiber cable and mixed connection.

I have setup network infrastructure in a factory. There were 7 buildings. I connect  building to building  with Fiber Optic cable as backbone. Internal link of the building connected with UTP cable. The smaller are consist of some wifi access points.

Four. Connection Interface:

If you work with network you may face many times disconnection of network. The most disconnection fall for lose connectivity and power failure. To solve the lose connection you should use good connection devices. Have a look for some.patch-modular

a) Patch Cord: Choose factory made good patch cord instead of hand made.

b) Modular: Modular Jack are good with Patch cord rather than direct connection.

c) Patch Panel and Cable Manager: Patch panel and cable manager usually used on rack. I will show you good example next time.

Five. Future support:

Some points have to consider for future support.

  1. Connection cable should not be open. You can use plastic pipe or Flexible pipe. Open cable can be damaged by rat or people walk through.

    You can view the number from every side
    You can view the number from every side
  2. Both side of every cable should be numbered as you can detect the cable future. You can use sticker.
  3. Rack should be dressed correctly. You have to have enough space to future easy support.

I think you are thinking to upgrade your present network infrastructure. 🙂

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