Admited to CCNA

ccnaAs a IT student I had a interest on programming classes basically in c language class. I took more times on lab than other students. But in professional life I have to provide the time for organization full IT system where there was no scope to participate my programming skills. However I was linked some HTML,CSS and php coding for some web designing works.

But in my job, to increase my salary CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Engineer) course will add value. So, just admit to the CCNA class on New Horizons, New Market Branch.

Oh, I have make the blog including the learning of the CCNA classes. If you want to make carrer as Network Engineer, the blog is helpful for you.

This class is taken by Ripon sir. Class starts on every sat day 6 pm. ends up to 9 pm.

I enjoyed the CCNA class as we learn very few things about Network communication system, basically how the protocol works. We just learned very basic like network layer system etc.In the CCNA syllabus the theory and their practical goes simultaneously.  So we can learn how the basic network works, basically the router based communication.

New Horizons lab has only two active router now. We works on packet tracer software most of the times.

DownLoad 200-120-CCNA Course Outline

Here I am describing (Classwise) the the topics that I learned.












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