Necessary and Challenges of Mail Server

thumb-email-serverI am working in a Factory where they don’t have any email server. The company have more than 3000 workers. The 100 email corporate account is running. The google apps based email account. Company need at most 500 email account on self domain. But there is some limitation to have email server here.

Not only this, many company of the world needs email server but they don’t have. They depends on hosting provider and ISP.

People don’t know why self hosted email server needs for you. Or what kind of facilities on self hosted email server over out side service.

If you want to setup and implement email server you may have some trouble about environment. I am just describing what I am facing here.

Needs of self hosted email server:

Some days ago I have written an application for mail server, I have mensioned some points there.


There is some limitation on external free email service.

  1. Limitation of account: There is limitation of email account if we use google apps service for email hosting. So we can not make huge number of email accounts with our existing system. If we have own email server we will able to make unlimited number of email account based on server configuration.
  2. Privacy: Corporate communication should be used with corporate emails. For the shortage of email IDs some times personal ID is used.
  3. Security: Security is important concern. Corporate email communication with our own server make more secure environment.
  4. User Friendly: There is complexity of outlook email setup using gmail. But the self hosted server will provide more user friend environment. Moreover, ther is huge spam email comes.
  5. Monitoring: Any email can be monitored easily and can also make mirror copy of email with seld hosted email server. Group email making and many other facility.

There is challenges of  mail server. Here major three challenges to face.

01. Technical Person:

For mail server setup and manage technical person is needed. Some company wants group email ID create and manage. So may wants to monitor email. So technical expert of email server is a challenges.

02. Power:

Email server is most sensitive server while it is implemented. If it become down the Email will not come and go through it. So interruption of electricity should be managed. Online UPS backup is good solution.

03. Internet Connectivity:

Internet connection should be stable. Backup connection can be solve this problem. Connectivity from different provider and different types media (Fiber Cable, Radio Link) can help you to reduce down time.

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