I excited how I learned!

trainingHuman learns from his necessary. If I want to start a business, I have to go to work place. I have to learn from manufacture or wholesale market. I have to go to buyer. I have to learn Market strategy and estimate my profit. Sometimes we can learn from extisting businessman who already faces the ups-downs in their lives. 

Freelancing work is based on buyer requirement. Buyer mind have a interest to make something and choose you. You have not done this kind of job again. But you may do this. Just need learning capacity. However everything can not be learned by you. The similar job can be done.

You have to go with two points

  1. Deside to learn: Does the work similar to your job? Is this kind of learning help you for future work? Do you want to learn this?
  2. Search: Just search how to solve?

In my experience, I have learned many things from requirement of client.

Teachers wastes many classes and I did not concentrated about that subject. But when there was live problem I learned and solved it on few hours.

I excited how I learned!

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