Job and what I do ?

What can I do

I have experience on

  1. Linux Server Management.
  2. Install physical structure of Data Center and Corporate Network
  3. Manage Network based on Cisco and Mikrotik devices.

I like to work full time basis. I don’t accept part time or contractual or small business job. I like to work on Group of Company.

Doing Now

My present position is Assistant Manager IT of Lantabur Group, a textile and garments industry. Here, I manage computer network and Server. The company has

  1. More than 250+ Computer Users.
  2. Local Network of 250+ Computer and Many Mobile devices.
  3. 100+ IP Cameras including two NVR
  4. Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory Server.
  5. Linux based Samba and backup cloud server.
  6. Oracle based ERP server.

My CV in Details on LinkedIn

My Passion

My passion is gardening and writing. I think visiting and meeting with various people would be future passion. I had write huge in Bangla from 2009. I had worked much with hosting server and so I have some knowledge about it and make a Domain Hosting Tutorial in Bangla. I have another plan to make Bangla Computer Dictionary other than my Random Blog Writings.

However I will learn much on public health and share knowledge in internet.