Why Introvert

introvert-boyFrom the primary to high school life I was very introvert boy. I was medium good student but I had shyness in me. My classfriends did much fun in class, played cricket and football but I skipped. I did not think about why I was so introvert, why I did not talked much like other friends, why I was not so funny in that time.

In the college life of of my favorite college teacher marked me as introvert boy with very small voice. I remember, the teacher was confused to give me highest number in bangla. Just come to class and told me to stand up and praised me about my writings on literature.

He told me that I was introvert boy.


1. Naturally I was introvert.

2. There was two elder sister, I followed them and so I have not learned the man’s active behave. My father was a very honest and good man. He did not gossip with taking cigarette, tea. He had not much friends also. I think I have followed him.

3. I was taken care on home and school only. I was not allowed to go outside alone till SSC. I have lost many knowledge compared to my friends same time.

4. I thought I was weak. I thought my dress is dirty enought. I thought I don’t know how to talk. I did never think that I am okay. This kind of thinking sometimes make me more weak as I did not participate friends like others.

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I have start trying to be extrovert, keeping time with my class friends, participates on debate, cultural activity etc. My performance on some expect was very good then.

A long important time gone by B.Sc, job and my hosting business. I had very few times to take care me. I completed bath very short time, did not took any kind of cosmetic. But I prayed and practice good behavior.

Recent time I have a good friend. oh no a network of friends who guide me more smart and profound lifestyle. They don’t use facebook or tech but maintain very smart lifestyles.

These things I have told not only for me but in town, I have much experience to company with these types on introvert boys and girls. The busy educational life of student makes more introvert and some times some don’t get basic knowledge and manner of community and faces problem on real life. Sometimes introvert boys and girls have symptom ofΒ  mental problem also.

Modern lifestyle can make your next generation more single as face to face communication is replaced by smartphone, internet, TV, facebook, skype.

5 thoughts on “Why Introvert”

  1. Nice written vaiya,

    I was also that kind of guy! I had no permission to go outside from my home till my SSC even in nearer playground.

    I also didn’t talk too much even still now I’m not talking countless. And yes, today’s technology gives us full freedom but on the other hand it takes our humanity, mentality and make us robotic. That’s why I sometime got depression and frustration.

    But, now a days I’m trying to use less social media as possible. Hope you also can make it happen.

    BTW, keep writing yourself. I’ll be your daily visitor! πŸ˜›

    Best of luck! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, good writings with proper description on Extrovert and Introvert and also have inspirational solution who think he is not okay. Thanks for share. πŸ™‚

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