Digital Knowledge is most Vulnerable

VULNERABILEI think, we are going to more vulnerable knowledge. World is seeking faster technology to gain anything. Knowledge is also included. I want any kind of knowledge very fast. Just type some keyword on and got the answer easily. I learn many thing very easily.

Technology behind this is vulnerable. Just think, how the knowledge of the world was transferred generation to generation. Book and Papers. How ancient knowledge transferred? You can learn many Egyptian knowledge from their stone writings, statues and other abstraction. The ancient people make that and we got the knowledge.

The civilization destroyed. Most of the time was has destroyed their civilization. Most of the knowledge deleted.

When you read a book. More than thousands of copy of that book has printed. If your book destroyed many other copy is live. But when you are reading a content from website. What about the knowledge?

Just you are reading this content. If I don’t pay for hosting server and domain, site will stopped. If I don’t take backup. everything will be lost as reader don’t safe the content. This content may read by thousand people from one server. So it is vulnerable. How it is saved? In Hard disk drive. Hard disk drive is magnetic disk. If there is no backup plan, if disk destroyed, we will not find anything.

Very few websites are mirrored in different country. Cloud technology is doing this. If one place have disaster like war, tornado,  earthwork, buzz and destroy data, other place can survive.  If not the information will not be achieved.

Old book of your book self or library is good resource. You may not need this but next generation will need this. So you are saving this. This don’t cost you. But keeping digital knowledge in server is costly. Hard disk space is used and keeping server alive is costly. So you will delete needless information. But next generation may need this and they will not get it.

I think, people are not aware of backups system and future disaster plan that they should have. So, the knowledge in only digital system is most vulnerable.

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