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operating-systemIn my first job interview, the interviewer asked me if I can install Windows and make ready computer for user. Still now, I have to work with many operating system. You may have to work with individual operating system but you may need some services which is not possible or sweet-able for specific OS. Some thing may great in one OS and something is not. So, System admin may have to learn many operating system, how ever basics of all the operating system is same.

Tips what I follow for operating system

  1. I Install any latest (common) operating system or  version come.
  2. Point out what is the benefit from previous version.
  3. As most common operating system creator company has business, I search how the increase business among the new version. (I am skipping many things about this)
  4. I try to learn operating system on non computer device, like- digital attendance machine,  TV, router etc. I also found the core of that operating system.
  5. Having R&D computer is good practice, I some time use physical server and some time VM ware to test OS.

Operating system has big business and learning may give you big achievement as a system administrator.

I am mentioning common  system task and operating system:

01. DOS (Disk Operating System) and Windows: DOS command is needed for some basic system task as long as network.

02. Windows Server: The lastest Windows server is 2012. Active Directory Server, DNS, File, Print Server and many service is incorporated with this OS. The exchange server is very popular for mail server.

03. Linux: More than ninety five percent of server of world is linux based. So you must know linux. Linux is popular in almost every server- FTP server, File server, Web server, proxy server, load Balance, visualization and many more. If you enter on it you will get test of linux. 🙂

Linux has many distribution. I have got many devices (We think that is not computer) runs linux OS. Mobile devices, TVs, Robots and may future devices runs linux.


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