What I learned today

There is people who can not find anything to write. Writing for blog and website. I learn from my old writings. You can write your experience and learning things. You may have searched for any solution and now write after solve.

The forum post people share there opinion and solution.

  1. The people who don’t have anything to write can take note everyday.
  2. The people who want to learn something can make a list of learn and share.
  3. If you write down your experience you have to go deeper of that subject which will enrich learning.

In the third point-Learning. You have to learn in sequence. I will make note in future for this issue inshallah.

Every learning things may have written past. Why I will write again?


Same learning may have different way. Different people face in different steps. You just point where you drop and face problem to learn.

This post in Bangla

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