Why few countries have Big Online Startup Company

If you search for online startup big companies

If you find online tools or public tools

If you find any site that store big content or data

You will see they are based on some specific countries. Most of the countries in the world is not present to do the work. Is it idea generating problem? No.

This is not building for absence of Network Infrastructure.

Are you kidding? you may asked.

Actually the server price don’t meet its local bussines models. For any idea like youtube or file hosting service or online file converter service you need better internet speed with cheapest price. Just think this kind of service related website which need to host big data, you have to pay as much as can not survive. If you want to start from your room with your old desktop PC, you cannot start here as you have to stable internet connection in low price. You have to purchase foreign dedicated server and pay much more to start.

This is why some country who have cheap internet will dominate others with their idea.

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