Life Tools

Human make tools for future use and to make easy of his job unlike other animal. Human also exited to use new tools. The experience of using tools are sometime times lossing time and money. Sometime it may harmful for health also.

Most of the tools are used to make easy and comfortable life. The industrial and engineering tools are used to boost productivity.


I see people now-a-days use tools for

He can show other that he is richer enough to use the tools like car and iphone.

I have some thought to use life tools.

  • Human wants done the job speedy, save time and not having hardwork. Human are lazy. 😀 But every tools may not be sweetable for everyone. If you have to make more than 15 bread everyday, you can purchase a ruti-maker. I see there is too much cooking tools on peoples showcase and the don’t use these.
  • Human wants to show themself and this is one kind of disease that make you unhappy. I think this should be give up. Many people purchase furniture not for use but for show. The people who live on rental house should use slimmer, portable and less furniture like he want slimmer smartphone. Otherwise wait for pain of changing home. 😀
  • Now there is too many tools made by engineers. You have to learn to use these. After purchasing a drone and other electrical/computing device you should learn how to take care.
  • Still use too many tools to your life? I suggest to join an employee to take care everything like big company and industry have care taker.

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