Personal life talks

Life Tools

Human make tools for future use and to make easy of his job unlike other animal. Human also exited to use new tools. The experience of using tools are sometime times lossing time and money. Sometime it may harmful for health also. Most of the tools are used to make easy and comfortable life. The …

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Changes of 2015

A great year, 2015 passed. I am just focusing me on the year. I have got some important things of the last time of the year. Though whole year is a name of achievement. I think I am better than previous time. I am waiting for 2016. I think it will be more adventure to …

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Why Introvert

From the primary to high school life I was very introvert boy. I was medium good student but I had shyness in me. My classfriends did much fun in class, played cricket and football but I skipped. I did not think about why I was so introvert, why I did not talked much like other …

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