3 Network equipment should be through out now

Chigh-speed-internetomputer speed is going higher day by day. I think you are upgrading your computer several times. Do you changed your network equipments? The communication between two computers can be 100 times faster than your existing network.

As a system Administrator, in a medium company you update some network equipments. I am just noting here to get faster technology.

1. Set Gigabit Switch in stead of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet switch.


Now the gigabit switch are very cheap and so why do you use 10MBPS and 100MBPS switch now. If you use mixed devices you will not get good performance. If 1000MBPS switch communicate with 100MBPS switch than you will get 100MBPS speed. So just change all the switches. Your other equipments like computer LAN port and Wifi Network should have gigabit supported.

2. Set 802.11ac Wireless Access points


The 802.11g/b/n technology has gone away. You should go with 802.11ac wireless routers. These routers can transfer data more than gigabit per seconds based on specification.
If you are going to setup any wireless network you just purchase 802.11ac compatible devices. Now a days some devices don’t support ac technology 5GHz signal. Don’t hesitate there is some routers that support both technology.

3. Set Fiber Cable in stead of RJ45


If your network pull distance is more than 100 miters you just purchase optical fiber cables and Media converter. Now-a-days, it is easy to purchase switch and routers which has SFP port. However SFP+ port also available you can transfer 10GBit per second data. 🙂

fiber cable is cheaper than RJ45, So, take advantage.

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