Life Tools

Human make tools for future use and to make easy of his job unlike other animal. Human also exited to use new tools. The experience of using tools are sometime times lossing time and money. Sometime it may harmful for health also. Most of the tools are used to make easy and comfortable life. The …

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What I learned today

There is people who can not find anything to write. Writing for blog and website. I learn from my old writings. You can write your experience and learning things. You may have searched for any solution and now write after solve. The forum post people share there opinion and solution. The people who don’t have …

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Being Stable

Being stable is a tough job. Interestingly everyone wants to be stable. Just ask anyone- what do you want? Or when you will stop? what is your life target? what is your planning? You can ask yourself also. 🙂 He will say. Tell him to say more… more and more. If he reach on that …

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Creative Pictures Against Rampal Coal Electric Project

Bangladeshi protester don’t want Rampal Coal Electric Project as it will harm natural beauty of Sundarban. There was some creative pictures to attarct people not to make Rampal project. I have colected some pictures from web. Animation: Animal making electricity:

Garden Planning

Whan I was school going boy, I had a garden. There was plant nursery business started that time in Bangladesh. I just enjoyed visit different plant nursery and watched deffirent types of plants. I have purchased some and grow to vacant space of home.  Now many days gone but love of gardening still with me. …

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I excited how I learned!

Human learns from his necessary. If I want to start a business, I have to go to work place. I have to learn from manufacture or wholesale market. I have to go to buyer. I have to learn Market strategy and estimate my profit. Sometimes we can learn from extisting businessman who already faces the …

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Call hang and show hold problem in elastix

I have installed 45 IP PABX phone recently with elastix open source server. It works fine, speed is better than old PABX system. I have faced some simple problem. I will talk about these two problem in this post. Call show hold but not hold physically. Outgoing call stopped.