The learning from different source

What I learned today

There is people who can not find anything to write. Writing for blog and website. I learn from my old writings. You can write your experience and learning things. You may have searched for any solution and now write after solve. The forum post people share there opinion and solution. The people who don’t have …

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I excited how I learned!

Human learns from his necessary. If I want to start a business, I have to go to work place. I have to learn from manufacture or wholesale market. I have to go to buyer. I have to learn Market strategy and estimate my profit. Sometimes we can learn from extisting businessman who already faces the …

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Setup Your Personal Cloud Server- owncloud (Part-1)

You have already used one drive or google drive or other cloud server like dropbox. But you can make a computer as your own cloud server. The open source project owncloud gives you opportunity to do this. The client side software is also available in their site. Advantage and challenges over other cloud storage:

Digital Knowledge is most Vulnerable

I think, we are going to more vulnerable knowledge. World is seeking faster technology to gain anything. Knowledge is also included. I want any kind of knowledge very fast. Just type some keyword on google.com and got the answer easily. I learn many thing very easily. Technology behind this is vulnerable. Just think,

Road to Computer Science Student

This is just topic of self experienced suggestion to Computer Science Students in Bangladesh. Everything may not match with your experience and there may have some contradiction. When I was on class Eight, I was not capable enough to decide if I will study Science, Arts or Commerce. My father and teacher make decision for …

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